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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long Live Freedom

Today, news are coming out of Yemen with a big people uprising demanding the change of the political system and for the president, Ali Abdulla Saleh to step down.........

where did we hear that before????

I found this lovely photo for some old friends that I am sure will meet up again soon to compare notes about how they were removed from office.......

In this photo, from left to right
(Ben Ali, previous president of Tunisia fled the country after the Tunisian revolution on 14/1/11, Ali Abdulla Saleh of Yemen-still in charge for now although protesters are marching in demanding change according to AL Jazzera TV, Gaddafi of Libya, lost all credibility inside and outside of Libya and the revolution is near toppling him, Mubarak of Egypt, previous president, stepped down after the Egyptian revolution on 25/1/11)
People's Power.

Long Live Freedom.

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