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Friday, March 4, 2011

People power

Few days ago, I wrote about the growing public anger in Egypt against Mr Ahmad Shafeek, who was appointed as prime minster by Mubabark 4 days after the start of the revolution. In an another victory step for the revolution and after so much public pressure and demonstrations, Mr Shafeek handed in his resignation early yesterday. Mr Essam Sharaf was appointed as the new prime minster. He is a very respected public figure and joined a march with all his colleges from Cairo university staff in support to the revolution few weeks ago. Mr Sharaf address the public in Tahrir square today and told them: "I am here because I get my legitimacy from you". People are very optimistic with this change and protesters have promised to stop their protest for the next 2 weeks to give the new government a chance to prove that they will listen to people's demands.

Egypt is changing and fast. People tasted freedom and they want those in charge to understand that they are serving the public and it is not the other way round.
All the best to the new prime minster and we wait to see the new cabinet. Long Live Freedom.

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