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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can we fix it?

So rarely I get my tool box out (yes, I do have a tool box), usually there is something needs fixing that I can not wait to get someone else to fix for me. So, I gather all my energy, get the tools out and I sit opposite whatever needs to be done.
I usually do my best bashing and hammering away and hope for the best. I usually get it done (in the end).
But in life, you find this great huge need to have 'I can fix it' attitude. So, you sit with a friend, chatting about the day and if you share a worry or a challenge, you always have few ideas, suggestions and solutions. This is good but I recently learned that not all of us are looking for quick answers or solutions to life's challenges. We simply want someone to listen, understand and move on. Just talking to a trusted person can make all the difference, not nesseserly to find an answer to a problem but to bring some order to the confusion.

So instead of adopting the moto of 'Can we fix it, Yes we can' I am choosing a different one:
Can we fix it, Yes we can but we are choosing to just listen for change!


N. Bestourous said...

Hoda, you were talking about myself....I always have a hammer and every problem I seen is a nail.
end up not fixing any thing. Your conclusion is profound, truely profound.. I needed to listen more. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wonderful article..Liked it ..and will try to listen more.Thanks.

emma said...

Can't agree more!having someone to really listen takes off half the burden or even more...I liked it a lot.Thank you