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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another trick to ruin the revolution

News just in with the death of a Coptic priest in the city of Assuit-Upper Egypt. He was found dead in his flat. As you can see in this clip, Christians were out in the street chanting "we will defend the cross". This is the oldest trick in the book, to create friction between Christians and Muslims to keep them busy. Of course some might say it could be Islamic movement behind this event, however, the Muslim brotherhood is working really hard at the moment to change people image about them to gain more support in the next election and I do not think killing a priest will do them any favours. During the last 4 weeks, not one church was attacked and people finally started to see that the old regime wanted to rule over a divided country. It became clear that the previous minster of interior - Habib El Adelee - was behind the recent bombing in a church in Alexandria on New Years Eve and he is currently waiting trial. Few days later there was another killing against Christians by one of police officer who killed 6 Christians on a train. There are now so many stories to show that the government was supporting, protecting and inciting religious division to keep people away from other important issues like asking about corruption or demanding more rights. However, just looking at general comments tonight on Facebook, I can see that the majority of people can see through these tactics. I can only pray that God protect Egypt and its people from all the attacks.

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