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Monday, February 14, 2011

The unity that helped us be here today

The whole world has been watching Egypt in the last 3 weeks with great anticipation of the people's movement and their peaceful uprising against injustice. In the middle of all the protests, attacks and political analysis, there were lots of voice expressing concerns for the future of Egypt and fears from extreme religious movement taking over in case of power vacuum in the country. These photos were a common occurrence in Tahrir Sq every Friday prayers where Christan men will protect their Muslim brothers as they kneel to pray (you can spot the cross tattooed on the wrist, a common mark for Christians in Egypt).

What the BBC did not show
On Sunday 6 February, Christians conducted a Sunday service in Tahrir Sq. The day was originally declared as a day to remember those who died during this revolution so far. In Egypt, public worship for Christians is completely forbidden, however as you can see in this video, not only did the crowed worshiped but they were surrounded by thousands of Muslims who were responded "Amen" to prayers.

In the video, the crowd are singing in Arabic "bless my county" and "peace to the Lord's people". The elder who led the service is Dr Ehab El Krat, from the Evangelical church of Aser El Dobara (situated right in Tahrir Sq) said that, 2000 years ago, a 30 year old man stood for justice and defended the poor and needy. He did this in peace, he gave up his life in peace. This man is Jesus Christ and his spirit is with us today to give us peace and to help us to defend our rights in a peaceful manner.
He also said that we need to keep asking God for peace and blessing to our nation and our land. The crowd chants "eed wahda" means "all one hand together".
For years we have been praying for Egypt and for revival in our land and now God is doing something marvellous among us and we need to stand up and be counted.

Lord Bless Egypt

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