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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy retirement to every dictator

I have been watching the events in Libya very closely and can't help but feeling outraged at the brutality of the regime against its own people. It seems that all the Arab leaders had -at some point- a crash course on how to cope with any revolution. I think it was all in all a one day training course and it must have covered the same old points:

1- how to use scare tactics (weapons, machine guns, thugs, brutality, etc)
2- keep everyone busy hating one another (tribes against each other, Muslim against Christians etc
3- burn all government offices and police stations to remove all evidence when the going gets tough
4-use threats like: if i go; it will be chaos, if i leave; the country will be occupied by foreign forces, etc
5- accuse everyone who criticise the system of being an agent and a spy working for Israel or the USA (this one always work against anyone)
6- maintain the media under your grip, broadcasting calming music, Tom and Jerry, patriotic songs in the middle of any million man marches that come your way

Other general points include, withdrawing your police force and arming thugs to frighten people and keep saying that you -as a leader- will NEVER leave until you finish your time in office (which is usually lasts for 50 years).

If all this fail, pack your bags, move your billions abroad and book one way flight to Saudi Arabia, the whole revolution thing usually takes about 3 weeks max!!

Ahh, one last tip, after you leave office do not forget to spread rumors that you have suffered a coma and that you are on your death bed.

Happy retirement to every dictator.

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