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Friday, February 4, 2011

An Egyptian Revolution

Since the 25th of January, I have been so wrapped up with the events in Egypt, hardly sleeping and hung up on all sorts of media coverage. Between the Internet in the shape of twitter, Face book and YouTube and the different TV channels from El Jazeera to NBC and the BBC even the Egyptian TV, which I have to say provided the comedy factor during this difficult time by how it reported what was happening. However, blogging was taking a back seat as I felt somehow it was not fast enough in a - to quote the white house - very fluid situation! Today, I was thinking about the significant of the last few days in history and with the flood of information, I felt that in the middle of all these names, photos, statuses, tweets and clips; things will get lost and forgotten and we need to start to think about preserving the place of those brave enough to risk everything for freedom. So here is my very humble attempt with a selection of photos, clips and comments that were exchanged in the last few days. Some in Arabic and some in English, some written in a poetic style and some just came as jokes and black hummer, some brought me to tears and others made me fuming with rage, some from close friends and some from complete strangers. The one thing that join all these together is one cause, "Give us back our country"!

Why did it all start?
In an interview with Adel Emam (Egyptian actor), he was asking the question: "what did Mubarak do to deserve insults from people?" This question is repeated throughout the clip. Throughout the clip, there are images of why does he deserve this. Few headlines in Arabic
about electricity cuts and brutality against people. [be aware there are brutal images in this clip].

the first few days of the revolution

The million man march

the day of rage, Friday 28/1/11
Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." Benjamin Franklin

Unforgettable guy

An inventive way to avoid being hit on the head with stones :)
The sign read: "leave...my hand is hurting"
هاحميكي يا اما ويا ابويا هاحميك يا شجر التوت
هاحميكي بدمي وهاحمي الشوارع والبيوت

هاحميك يا نيل ويا بحر هاحميكي يا قاهرة يا اسكندرية يا بور سعيد

يا سويس يا كل شبر فية تراب اسمر

هاحميكي يا سمرة وهاموت وانا واقف بطل وحررتك من الطغيان

(a poem about protecting every part of the land)

Christians and Muslims stand together for freedom

And Christians men form a ring around Muslims to protect them during their prayers at demonstrations in Cairo.

And let us not forget all the women of Egypt, http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/album.php?aid=47355&id=100001256040548&fbid=162572827127918

"But it turned out that the camel that was released on the protesters was originally from Israel, carries a foreign passport, trained in the Middle East and was originally a shark. It was also said that the camel was mentally ill and had some kind of “electric shock” that affected its behaviour".

Some of the martyrs who died in the clashes with the police and the government's thugs

أخبريني يا دولة المُسَكِّنات...
هل يُهمِّك من مات؟
هل تُهِمّك الدماء؟
هل تهتزين عندما تسقط البنايات؟
هل يهمك احتراق القطارات
وغرق العبارات
وزوارق الهجرة
وحوادث السيارات
أم يهمك فقط أن ننسى
ونحرق الحشيش
وقُرص الفياجرا
ونشاهد المباريات؟
أخبريني يا دولة المُسَكِّنات...
هل تهمك النساء؟
هل ترتجفين
عندما تُنتَهكُ الفتيات؟
هل تُهِمُّك المطلقات
اللاهثات في أروقة المحاكم
ومصلحة المعاشات
أم يُهمك فقط أن ننسى
ونملأ بطوننا
وأنت تملأين عنّا
صناديق الانتخابات؟
أخبريني يا دولة المُسَكِّنات...
هل يُهِمُّك الأطفال؟
حين ماتت الفتاة ظلماً
في عيادة الختان
وحين مات الولد ضرباً
هل عرفت الأحزان
هل يُهمك طفل الشوارع
وعقل في المدرسة فارغ
إلا من التفاهات؟
أم يُهمُّك فقط أن ننسى
ونملأ عقولنا بالفتاوى
ونحبا في الدار الأخرى
وأنت في المنتجعات
أخبريني يا دولة المُسَكِّنات...
هل تهمك الأبدان؟
حين عُلِّق المصري
في لبنان
هل شعرت بالغضب
وحين بيعت الفتاة حلالاً
لشيوخ العرب
وحين تباع أجزاء البشر
كقطع الغيار في المحلات
أم يُهمك فقط أن ننسى
ونحلم بشقة أوسع
وسيارة أكبر
ومزيد من الفضائيات
أخبريني يا دولة المُسَكِّنات...
هل يهمك التاريخ ؟
هل تهمك الذكريات؟
هل أصابتك القشعريرة
عند بيع الآثار
وسرقة الأفلام
واشتعال الوثائق
وسرقة اللوحات
أم يُهمك فقط أن ننسى
ونحلم بنمو الوديعة
ومزيد من الاستثمارات
ودرجات الأبناء
في غباء الامتحانات
أخبريني يا دولة المُسَكِّنات...
هل يُهِمّك حقاً من مات؟
هل تهمك الدماء؟
هل تهمك النساء؟
هل تهمك الأبدان؟
هل تهمك الأطفال؟
هل يهمك التاريخ؟
هل تهمك الأوطان؟
By Awsam Wasfi, a poem with questions to the country on daily issues and if anyone cares about ordinary people.

Protesters having fun with the slogans

So far the revolution is still going strong and the end is near.

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