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Friday, February 25, 2011

Egypt revolution one month on...celebrate, protest and keep the pressure on

Today, a month has passed since the start of the Egyptian revolution. In the last 4weeks, the eyes of the whole world was focused on Egypt and especially on Tahrir sq. After 18 days of protesting, Mubarak finally stepped down and people started to celebrate. However, the prim minster -Mr Ahmad Shafeek- who was appointed by Mubarak in an attempt to calm public anger 4 days after the start of the revolution, is still in charge and is still running things in the country. The army holds a very difficult position in Egypt at the moment. Today, people went out to Tahrir sq, again in their millions protesting and chanting against Shafeek and his government. 99% of the minsters in this transitional government are from the old regime, they worked for or were advisers to Mubrak and his men. People's anger is rising and as I write this tonight, there are a large group of protesters camping now opposite Parliament in Cairo declaring that they will not leave until Shafeek and the whole system leave.

This is not a new demand for the protesters, from day one, the chant was "down with the system" and "we want the system to fall down". Mubarak was a symbol of the system but not all the system. 'Mubarak to step down' was just the first item on a list of demands including releasing political prisoners, the immediate stop of emergency law, the trials of those who ordered the killing of protesters in the revolution and changes to the constitution among other things. The old regime is still talking about "a movement" or "dispute" or "demand for change" and they can't see it as a REVOLUTION. People can not and will not accept Shafeek and his men to run the government even temporarily, as they were picked by a fallen president and they were in charge when men and women were killed in the streets after asking for freedom.

The demands were and are clear, We want the system to fall, nothing more nothing less. The system means, the current government, the governors all over the country, head of the police and the secret police, media directors who served the system and all their men who are scattered all over the country.

It took 18 days for Mubarak to understand the message and I can understand that after 30 years in power, he became a little hard of hearing but he heard at the end non the less. I am sure that the current government under Shafeek's leadership may find it hard to hear people's voices, but they WILL hear it sooner or later.

So..Celebrate, Protest and Keep the pressure on.

Long Live Egypt.

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