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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The last few days were filled with tear gas, burning, attacks with camels on peaceful protesters, some 500 killed and over 2000 injured. However, since the start of this revolution, the Egyptians always found hummer in the way they put their demands and in their slogans. Here are some of the comedy side to the protesters making their demands very clear.

A sign in the shape of school report, student name: Mubarak, scoring zero in every subject (health, education, security, etc) with a stamp that says "failed".
In the last few days, the state TV mentioned that some of the anti Mubarak protesters were paid to be in the square and given a meal from KFC! This sign reads: "this person is wanted as he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and he gave meals in Tahreer square. Wanted cooked or alive".
A sing with an equation: nation+freedom -"someone"= stability.

مكاسب الثورة المصرية حتى الآن :
١. اقالة الحكومة الأردنية
٢. رفع قانون الطوارئ في الجزائر
٣. اعلان الرئيس اليميني عدم ترشيح نفسه للرئاسة
٤. تعديل الدستور الصيني
...٥. قمع الشعب السوري قبل ما يفكر يثور
٦. بقاء الرئيس المصري ولا كأن حاجة حصلت

These are the results of the Egyptians revolution so far:
1- The removal of the government in Jorden
2- The stop of the state of emergency in Algeria
3- Declaration from the president of Yemen that he will not stand for elections again
4- Change in some part of the constitution in China
5- Oppression of the people of Syria before they start to think of a revolution
6- The Egyptian president still here as if nothing has happened.

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