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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven steps to ruin a perfect revolution

In the last few days, there have been so many rumors and talk about the Egyptian revolution and the changes happening in Egypt at the moment. So many pages on face book asking for forgiveness from Mubarak for what people did to him or asking to hang him. Pages to say "sorry" and some declare: "we are not sorry, Mr president. Many talks about Islamic threats and foreign agendas and meals from KFC. Experts call these "the counter revolution" . This usually happen immediately after any uprising, at some point you find some people suggesting new things, spreading rumors and trying to kill the spirit of the revolution so basically the old regime starts serving you the same drink but in a different bottle.

Here is an article I read today about 7 ways to kill a revolution, I loved it and wanted to share it.

Seven simple steps to ruin a perfect revolution
: Let bygones be bygones!
Forgive and forget! Turn the other cheek! Do not pursue anyone! No prosecution! No Trials! Be a bigger person and forget about the mean corrupt guys!
People calling for the forgiveness of Mubarak!
People calling for the forgiveness of the members of his corrupt regime!
People accusing those who are insisting on a transparent live trial of ruthlessness and cold-heartedness!
Divide and conquer!
Create a split between people!
Create a counter team of people who are actually sympathizing with the toppled regime.

STEP TWO: Let there be chaos!
More protests! More strikes! More rumors! More confusion!
Example: Strikes in banks, oil companies, factories, and universities!
Make the country come to a standstill
Make people wish for the stability of the old regime!

STEP THREE: Turn the ousted president into a compassion-worthy figure!
Poor old defeated President Mubarak! Humiliated in his old age!
Mubarak is in a coma!
Mubarak's sons are fighting!
Mubarak is sick!
Mubarak insists on dying on Egyptian soil!
Mubarak has served the country for 30 years!
Guilt-trip: Making people feel like ungrateful brats!
Emotional blackmail: Coercing people into sympathizing with a dictator.
Replacing the image of the dictator by the image of a father who was abandoned by his kids in his old age!

STEP FOUR: Defame those protesters and revolutionary figures!
Plant the seed of doubt and reap the fruits of confusion!
Wael Ghonim is part of a masonic conspiracy theory!
El Baradie is behind the ruin in Iraq!
God-knows-who is an addict, etc!
Purpose: Make people lose faith! Kill their hope in a better future! Destroy their glory and victory!

STEP FIVE: Clear the corrupt slate on TV
Shows and interviews with the very same people accused of corruption and of abusing their powers and authority. Instead of apologizing they present bedtime stories of how they were forced to do what they did or how they never did what they are accused of doing!
Example: Interviews with officers from the Ministry of Interior!
Opening people up to the idea that those icons of corruption could be innocent!
Getting people to calm down and accept step one; let bygones be bygones!

STEP SIX: Creating conflict and tension between the army and the protesters
There is already lack of trust between the people and anyone representing the government! By capitalizing on that tension and adding more fuel to its fire, the army is bound to start attacking the people!
Examples: Many bloggers are now highlighting the torture incidents in military camps and how the army was neutral in the face of the regime during the revolution and over the past 30 years!
Purpose: If the army turns against the protesters; the revolution is over! Change is history before it even starts!

STEP SEVEN: The old regime is reintroduced in its new attire!
A new name, a new face, and a new voice … the same corruption … the same nepotism .. the same injustice … the same abuses!

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