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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is Egypt

Some said that Egyptians are not ready for democracy, that they need an iron fist to control them, that they are not ready for freedom and that they don't know what is good for them. However, for a nation that was never allowed to protest or ask for its rights or cry out in the face of injustice, they did pretty well so far....the only violence came from the police while the protesters shouting "Selmeya" which means "peaceful", the protesters turns their slogans into songs played out on guitars (see previous posts) and they formed search teams to check that those coming into the square where not armed or trying to cause trouble. However the most striking images that came out in the last few days were the images of the cleaning process taking place not only in Tahrir square itself but all over the country. One of the CNN reporters said: "for the first time we see people cleaning the streets after they finish their protests". For me, this is great nation that is proving that it is ready for real and true democracy, they deserve it and I have every confidence that they will work hard to get it. The next stage will be hard and no one is under any illusion that it will be easy, but if people work together then impossible is nothing. I am proud to be an Egyptian. Long Live Egypt.

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