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Monday, June 2, 2008

Giving birth while everyone watching!

Few days ago, one of my guppy fish became the proud mother of some 25 or so new fish! it was amazing to watch. the first time she gave birth in the big tank, all the baby fish (or the fry as they are called) were eaten very quickly. So, i took the advice and got a breading box to make sure that as she gives birth, all the fry get in the bottom of the breading box and sepreat from the female. thank God that human do not have the same role, :"sorry we had to eat our kids as we had no space for them"!

I am glad to say that mum and babies doing very well.

as i was so excited by the whole thing, i did not film it. however, i found this you tube clip of a female guppy giving birth, have a look, it is nice.

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