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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grab your running shoes

Now, when it comes to supporting charity, I am very happy to help. However, if I am going to choose between running in the rain to train to get fit or sit down with a friend chatting with a cup of tea in my hand, I know which I pick!
But now I have been challenged with Diabetes UK to run only 5K (I say only!) to raise money for diabetes research. This is so close to my heart and for my daughter and many kids like her and for the future of understanding and treating diabetes, i am going to leave my comfort zone and my cup of tea and start to train to run in September. So in the next few weeks, expect either lots of breathless, sweaty blogs or no blogs at all (that mean I am collapsing somewhere on the bottom of my stairs). On a serious note, I want to physically do something and help to raise as much money as I can for a very good cause. The race will be in September, so I have the time to grab my running shoes and to start to train, bring it on!


Maggie said...

HOw awesome!! My husband and I ran a 5k along with my coworkers and our friends to support stroke awareness and research. I never ran so far in my life but it was a great experience. i wish you happy training. it's fun!

Maggie said...

HOw awesome! Raya nd I ran a 5k with some of my coworkers and friends to support stroke awareness and research. I have never run that far in my life!!! It was a great experience, though. I wish you happy running! you'll enjoy it.