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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

School Photo time

Yesterday, for a special time together, me and my daughter went through my old school photos! Of course part of the fun was the whole "strange" idea that i was once at school, wearing a uniform, or a silly hat (as in the photo). But on a serious note it was really nice to see and go through lots of memories and try (very hard sometimes) to remember people’s names. My mother used to say we should write people’s names on the back of photos and put the date on and I used to laugh and think there is no way I will forget these friends, but as time goes on memory start to fade and putting names and dates on photos become a very good advice indeed.

It made me think and I got on the email and I sent a “hello” to all my school friends that still in touch. Somehow, old friends have a very special place in one’s heart and no matter what happen we can always pick up where we left off. The trick is not to spend all the time remembering the good old days but to think about the here and now as well.

God is showing Himself to us though the love of our friends.