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Monday, March 23, 2009

Robot Mum

Here is the poem that my daughter and her class presented to all the mums for mother's day. Wonderful.

It never gets cross if you're messy
It picks up your rubbish and toys
If it sees a sad film on the telly
It won't make a snuffling noise

It's got a device to make pancakes
And another to polish your shoes
It will sweep up your crumbs from the carpet
Without never blowing a fuse

It shampoos the dog in a jiffy
It does all your homework as well
And never lets on to the teacher
You program it so it won't tell

It makes you whole cities from Lego
Sorts out your socks into pairs
It will cook you a bowl of spaghetti
The same time as cleaning the stairs

But its kisses are cold and metallic
It can't give you hugs if you're glum
It never says how much it loves you
I think I prefer my real mum.

(author anonymous)

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