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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A History Lesson

History lessons used to be sitting down half asleep in a full class room listening to a middle aged teacher going on about something happened trillion years ago (in the eyes of the students anyway), but not any more. In the last few weeks my daughter's school been working with the kids to learn about the second world war and the climax today was to go to school and relive an evacuation day. The build up to the day has been great with lots of attempt to find suitable cloths that the kids could were to look as kids did back then. There was also another small matter of making a gas mask box with labels, etc. Today, arriving to school we felt as part of history and seeing the kids lining up with their name labels hanging from their outfits looked very strange, they looked like suite cases more than kids. As my daughter protested about her outfit 2 days ago branding it "not cool", I thought that is just the point of this exercise. The day was great and with special WW2 lunch and old time toys, the kids had a wonderful time reliving this part of history. I do not want to think of what they are going to do when they are studying Egyptian mummification techniques!

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