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Friday, March 13, 2009

Childern In Need? more like Parent In Need

For so many years now, Children In Need been going on as a charity and lots of funds been raised to help lots of people and today it is a big night for comic relief with more fund raising. As I listened to one comedian talking about children in need saying: "when did you ever see a child who is not in need? they are always in need of the latest toy, fashion item, etc". That made me think of starting my own charity: Parents In Need :) This is just about simple needs like
*A good night sleep.
*An uninterrupted bath.
*A small hand bag that actually has YOUR things and not your kids stuff (only mothers know that the size of your hand bag relate to how old are your kids and how many kids you have. The younger the child is the bigger your hand bag size).
*A trip to the shops without buying GOGOs figures or Pokemon cards.
*A night out without having to look for the push chair and then remember that you do not actually have one with you as the kids are already asleep at home.
*Not having to eat the rest of the kids meal (and pretend that you -in fact-love the chicken nuggets cold.
*A time to brush your hair in the morning before you get called to help one of the children in the bathroom.
And so many small requests that will make a difference to tired parents allover the country. Being a parent is a great blessing, so let us give a helping hand to parents and give them a chance to do the wonderful job that God trusted them with. Hooray for Parents In Need.

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