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Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is Bond, Jasmine Bond

Last night as my daughter was getting ready for bed she wanted me to make up a story instead of reading a book together. I tried to resist of course (making up stories need rather hard work and concentration) however, she insisted and I started a story under clear instruction avoiding any nasty kings, bad knights or mean witches. So I went about a story that did not have any of the above trying to maintain some kind of excitements at the same time. So I started and said: "Long long ago, lived this nice king with his 4 daughters. One day in his big palace, there was lots of work as everyone was getting ready for the big day, one of the king's princesses was getting married..." before i went on my daughter stopped me and said:"mum, can i ask you something?" I said: "sure, go ahead", then my daughter said: "can you make one of the kings daughters be a spy agent?"

At that point i could not contain my laughter, it was so hilarious and so i asked my daughter if SHE would like to tell me the story, as she has all the ideas, what to include and what not to include, and what kind of daughters the king should have. Now what name could i give this rather nice spy agent? I thought Jasmine would be nice and so we can call the movie (there must be a movie later) "live nicely another day" or something like that!

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