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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Luxury or necessity?

I left my mobile phone at work for the whole week end. For the first time in 5 years I am without my mobile phone. It is amazing how much it has become part of my life, all my contact numbers are on there and I can't text anyone. But how did we manage before we had mobile phones? The argument against mobile phone technology was always said to be that people wanted their privacy when they talk on the phone (hence the phone booth), and so manufactures had to think about how would people take to use their phone in the train or in the street while others can listen to their conversations. But now we see that people can not do without their phones and it does not matter really who is listening as the conversation is almost always the same; "yes, I am on the train, I will be there around 6.15" or " No, John, all the papers were left on your desk on Friday and should have been sent already" and of course you get the odd "yes, 3 million pound deal, yes no less than that" conversation (not that I am ear dropping at other people's calls, but sometimes you can't help it). So what is next, the luxuries of yesterday has become the necessities of today and we can't do without it anymore. I am sure I will survive for 2 days without my phone and I will make sure that I will enjoy the peace and quite for the whole week end.

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