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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cinderella, Snow white and lots of dwarfs

Are fairy tales good for girls and boys or not? After all, what are the values that we are teaching our kids by these stories (Fairy Tale Princes Turn into Beasts,http://www.boloji.com/wfs3/wfs402.htm). For girls especially, some experts are saying that fairy tales are not good for girls self-esteem and ideas about the future, after all, Cinderella married a guy she only met twice and the princess in the tower sat there doing nothing waiting to be rescued (well, she actually concentrated on growing her hair). Psychologist also say that “the beauty and the beast” culture, is behind lots of abusive relationship where women believe that accepting the behaviour of a beast and loving him enough, will some day turn him into a handsome prince.
I think this could be over simplification of real issues and in the middle of trying to find out reasons for people’s behaviour there is a real need to explore lots of tings that could be behind certain way of behaviour, may be fairy tails are part of the problem.

Jesus taught in parables, and in every story, you can see what your eyes want to see. God has created us, men and women, in His image, and unconditional love is in the heart of His love for us and what He is asking us to do in loveing one another. In all the madness that the world is throwing at us, fairy tails sometimes enrich the imagination as long as we keep some sense of reality and keep foucs on what matter most.

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