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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back for good...

Today and after 14 years absence, I joined the church choir for the Christmas carols. I was so emotional sitting there and singing with everyone. It has been a LONG time for me not being in a choir. So much has happened in the last 14 years and I kind of lost an important part of “me”. I am trying to go back to basics and the wonderful time I had serving my God, including singing and worshiping Him. Trying to find my “first love” to God and to get my priorities right. Being in a choir might be a simple thing for a lot of people, but for me it has always been my love and joy and it is wonderful to be back. Praise God that we have a wonderful story to tell and joyful news to share with everyone, that He is great. Happy Christmas everyone.


judes said...

judy says so good to hear your beautiful voice is back praising God !

Nabila said...

Mama says:
Wonderful to be back praising God.
Looking forward to hearing you singing in the choir.Thank God for
all His love and blessings.

December 11,2009. 1:15 am