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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I had the chance to go and attend the El Divo concert. It was FANTASTIC. The whole production was great and the group were amazing. The energy in the Apollo was electric and people (mainly women) were over eager to see them and hear them sing. On the way to the theatre, we can see the marks of husbands and boyfriends been dragged to the venue :). But the majority of men in there were on their best behaviour except one gentleman who sat at the end of my row who let us say, had more drinks than he should (and I am not talking about orange juice). Midway into the show he was shouting things out load to those in front of him and 10 min later the lady who was with him took him outside and they never returned. I think she just needed a word with him!
For me, the whole night was wonderful and the performance was one of their best ever and I can not wait until I have another chance to see them again, better start saving!

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