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Friday, November 6, 2009

I am a parent...get me out of here!

Now I can safely say that I am approaching the honourable position of being a “teenager’s mum” very fast. This is not because my daughter is going to be a teenager soon but she is sure on her way when it comes to difficult questions, debates, opinions etc. It is great that kids have their own views and they are not easily lead, [sometimes I wish they are easily lead just a bit, like when it comes to convince them that more TV is not really good, or letting the cat in now is not a good idea especially that it is not our cat J ]. Last night, we had a great debate over baptism (I know!). My daughter’s view was that she was so little to decide which church, what dress to wear and who to invite and that it is not fair that I said no to another baptism. She said she wants to make her own decision which I completely respect and I said that when she does, I am happy that we can have a blessing (and a party of course). But she wanted to be “dunked in water” she said. ARRRRGH!

Now, why did God create Adam and Eve as adults? My guess is that even God wanted to avoid the growing up bit. There were no terrible twos, or tantrums, messy rooms, or constant “why” in Eden. But on a serious note, if they were kids in Eden, they would have been perfect and how could that be? Even as adults they messed up and we are where we are now. But praise God for His mercy and for our kids. I just need to pray to have more wisdom (quick).

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