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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hairy day

Today I went to the hair dresser as a routine visit, I thought I will treat myself to a hair colour and nice style. At the point where they bring the mirror to show you the back of the hair, I do not think in the history of hair dressing, that anyone actually said: I do not like it (sounds like little Britain sketch), except for today. I found some courage inside me to just say: is it supposed to be that ORANGE?
I felt I had to say something. The funny thing was the explanation that came after that. As the “colour consultant” was called to have a look (presumably told that there is a difficult woman who doesn’t like her hair colour), she came and had a look and said to me: it is lighter than usual but this is because you are here under the light. Ahh, that explained it, all I need to do now is to conduct all my activities at night and avoid being out in the day time, I resisted to reply. The great thing is the ad for the colour “ A colour that respect your hair”. True to the point!

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