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Saturday, September 17, 2011

New task

As I get ready to start a new position in a wonderful location ( see the photo above), I have the very interesting task of moving my belongings from my current office. I have endless amount of books, papers, documents, etc that I have accumulated over the years. However, it is my electronic belongings that will take a long time to tidy up. In theory, the electronic belongings are not as obvious as books, papers etc, however they are very important and no one can help me move them. At work, I have access to 3 different offices with 3 different computers, I also have electronic legacy with photos, address and information on websites and university files. Thinking about how to work through it in an organised way is a bit daunting.

But as I think about it (this is the stage I am in at the moment, just thinking, no actual packing just yet), I realised how many electronic information I have out there!
email accounts, store accounts, Face book, twitter, eBay, paypal, online calendars, photo libraries, online banking, supermarkets online shopping, documents storage and many other accounts I have online.
With every account comes user names, passwords, security information and even some silly details about  pet names or shoes size! How are we dealing with this volume of information and belongings and what if something happen and I can not for the life of me remember my passwords? Do I need to leave my electronic "belongings" in my will?

I am sure I do not need to answer these questions right now and I better concentrate on actually doing the packing and tidying up to move to my new office in time, only to start creating more legacy somewhere else.

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