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Friday, July 29, 2011

Just remember ..... The plan is in HIS hands

I am never tired of seeing Tahrir Square in Cairo looking like this. This photo is taken today 29 July, in a 42C heat with people from all backgrounds gathering to voice their anger about the delay and the lack of progress after the revolution.

There are lots of problems still and so many rumors and stories from every direction. Some are worried about the Islamic influence and some of the extremists voices and some are concerned about normal, poor people who are still suffering in silence.

One thing that keeps me very optimistic.....6 months ago, all safe betting were that Gamal Mubarak, the son of Mubark senior, will be soon in charge and will be the next president. No one could even dream of a different scenario or question the outcome. However, God had a different plan. People were praying for Egypt for years, for delivery from injustice and victory to the poor and oppressed. For the torture to stop and for the corruption to end. The thing was we did not know HOW will God sort it out. We prayed and prayed but never thought that it will be like that. Remember David in the old testament? A young boy coming in with a stone to overcome the giant! NO WAY. When Pharaoh went after God's people in Egypt, God opened a way in the SEA!

There are so many examples, but the problem is, God never comes too early and never does things our way. It is always in a BIG, MARVELOUS AND MAJESTIC WAY. So, plan what you want and fight as you wish, but just remember...God still has the plan is HIS hands.


Mama said...

More than wonderful .

Maged Sobhy said...

Great! Love it!

Ghada said...

Thanks dear blogger for this one..needed to hear those words..again awesome and wonderful beyond words .. Bless u