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Friday, July 15, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...try try try again

The Egyptian revolution received great reviews from everyone as if it was a new movie. It was massive, peaceful and quick..no problem then..the world clapped, Mubark left and the media pulled their cameras and back to their comfortable cool studios.

The truth is that the revolution is till going and going strong, people wanted to give the new government a chance to work and make a difference but after 5 months it was clear that nothing has changed. More civilians been tried under military law, all those accused of killing protesters are still in their jobs and Mubark is still getting a nice tan in Sharm El Shik. So, it seems that the motto of the Egyptians now is: If at first you don't success, try try try again.

It is 42 c temperature in Egypt but the weather did not seem to stop anyone from protesting. The latest protest started a week ago and people are now sitting in in Cairo-Tahrir sq and other squares across the country and they are camping out!

WHY...because they want real change and I believe they will get it.

Freedom will not come easy and will not come quickly, but it WILL come as long as people want it and willing to work hard to get it. Long Live Freedom.

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