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Friday, September 18, 2009

Making it to the other side

So....at last, we have moved! Praise God for He is so great. We have been blessed with so many wonderful things and above all, great friends and family who helped us great deal in the last 2 weeks. Moving day itself was so much fun and we had so many helpers and so all was done by lunch time. I counted 95 boxes and about 20 large bags + the furniture items and endless last minute carry bags. Tomorrow, it will be 2 weeks since we moved to our new place and it already started to feel like home. Not having a phone line or an internet connection was so difficult but after a while we started to enjoy just sitting down together and not getting interrupted by anything. So, as we resume normal activities, a big cheer for all our friends and family and for all those who were praying for us and showing us God’s love in a very practical way, may we one day do the same for you.

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Janjouna said...

I'm so glad ya Hoda!

Do you have internet now? We'd love to talk to/see you online using skype or Google talk/video. Can we set up a date?