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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staying sane in the face of ..... packing!

Last night I drove my car at mid night to our 24 hours Tesco store to get...BOXES, as I am packing to move house. We ran out of boxes last night and I went to get some more. So far, the house looks pretty much the same and in addition there are about 35 boxes around everywhere (and still counting). Today, I spent all day packing my daughter's room and I never knew how much crafts and games we had. Staying sane in the face of it all is a challenge. Trying to focus on the positive, for example, how many boxes I have already done and finding things we have been looking for for some time and not to think about "how on earth am I going to sort it all out when we actually move to the new place". As I picked the boxes from the store, a nice sale assistant asked me: "do you need a hand?" I said to her: "I am fine here, I need help filling them up". She laughed.
Trusting God with all and sure of his presence in every step.

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Leila said...

I can give you a hand. Call me. I moved 13 times in 20 years. Hope everything will go well. God bless you.