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Sunday, July 12, 2009

So, the day came and the count down was over and I had to take my place and run my 10K. what a day it was! wonderful and fantastic. I really enjoyed it immensely. The pasta and rice I had last week paid off and i finished in 77 min which is a new record for me.

high point: passing on Westminster bridge and realising I passed the 8K mark and not 7k, I was over the moon.
low point: seeing the fast runners on the other side of the Thames while I am still trying to get to my 3K mark.
great comments: the crowds were fantastic and some were thanking me for running for Diabetes UK charity.
nice slogon: a guy with a T shirt that said : Give me a hug, I am special

As I crossed the finish line, there were people handing water bottels followed by some people handing leaflests about upcoming running events! now, talk about good timming and trying to pick a good moment to ask people to do a half marathon run just after a 10K.

the good news was that i finished my run and raised a lot of money for Diabetes UK, the bad news is that I have to be at work all day tomorrow :)

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