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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is in your basket?

Today, I was helping at my daughter's school all morning. It is a great chance for me to give a hand to the teachers and support their work. This is something I have been doing for a long time, but today for the first time I was looking at all the kids in a very different way. I was thinking about Mouses and his mother. This mum was so worried about her little boy, afraid for his life and decided to do something very brave just to -may be- give him anther chance to live. She had no choice, she wanted to try and have one last attempt at saving his life. I was thinking about her getting the basket ready, making it comfortable for little Moses, covering the outside of the basket so it does not sink in the river. When she put her little son in the basket, what did she see? I think she saw a helpless little boy, a baby who can not defend himself, she saw a tiny person looking at her for protection and love. But God saw something else, He saw a leader, a great man, a man who will have problems and make mistakes, but a man who will trust in God and lead Israel.

So, what does that got to do with anything? I felt overwhelmed with the idea about what we see in our basket. seeing the kids today, learning, laughing and having fun made me think that sometimes as parents we see just what is under our nose, but God sees something else in my basket. A great child, a wonderful individual, a promising future. All I need is to tune in to God's vision and see what He sees in my basket.


Maged said...

I loved this entry! so true.

Janjouna said...

I read something not too long ago, and I'm not very sure if it's true. It said that the tar and pitch that she coated the basket with was supposed to keep away crocodiles! She was really trying to protect him.

I agree with you completely about seeing the potential in the child... it works really well with Sunday School kids too :-D