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Friday, April 17, 2009

I am the teapot short and stout...

Today I got a teapot and matching mugs to go with it. There should be nothing significant about this, however, it felt as a milestone towards being "old"! The idea of having "a proper cup of tea" with a nice teapot and matching napkins, a milk jug and some scones. I think the time of poring hot water direct from the kettle has gone and now I have to sit down and have my cup of tea at certain time with some cream cakes. I told my friends that with this new addition to the kitchen, there should also be no "pot noddles" and no out of the cans fruits! So, tomorrow I will enjoy my outdoor run followed by a nice cup of tea from my new teapot. I may be reading too much into this but I feel a bit older already with that new teapot.

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Janjouna said...

It sounds like you've become "British", more than anything else. I miss you!