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Friday, January 4, 2008

Ready for another christmas?

After all the busyness of Christmas and after all the carol services, Christmas eve service, opening presents and cooking the turkey, I am glad to say that I am getting ready to celebrate another Christmas (the Egyptian Christmas is on 7/1). So as I gear up to celebrate again (on a small scale this time) I was thinking about how it feels to celebrate Christmas without believing in God. Then I saw this interview with Will Smith, he was asked this simple question "Do you believe in God?" instead of a yes or no answer he gave the following one:

"I believe that there are forces at work in the universe that science can’t explain and I think there’s an end to human knowledge. Let’s call it the unknown, the higher power. Let’s call it God or Allah, but let’s just agree that there is something beyond what we know. There are things like karma. There are things beyond what we understand. So, yes, I believe there’s an energy and I try to use it and be in the good graces of that energy so things in my life go the way I want them to".

I so much liked the last sentence, he believes that there is an energy and that he tries and be in the good graces of that energy for his own benefits. Well, this is really understandable, we try and protect ourselves and if there is a higher power somewhere out there we try to stay in its good books so our life can carry on as normal and as successful as possible. But the thing is even when we believe in God we treat him in the same way sometimes, we forget the relation and care about the customs and the traditions, we forget the intimate closeness and focus on a list charities and meetings and we worry what might God do next if we do not behave ourselves. The helpless child of Bethlehem was born with a plan to save me and to die for me and my prayers in this new year that the relation between God and me will be about enjoying walking with him not worrying what he might do to me if I am not in his good books.

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