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Sunday, January 13, 2008

No “good byes”, just “see you soon”

Two of my best friends are immigrating to Australia, a decision that left me so emotional and very upset. After I stopped crying, I decided to write about it here. I know it is just purely selfish on my side. I know that for my friends and their family it is the right move and I am sure that God will use them and bless them in Australia as much as He did over here and more. However, it does not make it any easier saying good bye. I thought there must be a law whereby you can stop your friends from taking such a decision! Our lives is shaped by the people around us and those who are close to us and so I feel part of me will be down under (I would not mind the sun shine over there). It is very sad to say good bye but it should not be, it should be “see you soon” instead. Nothing like having a cup of tea with a friend, a good chat, a shopping trip or a holiday together, however, we thank God for all the new technology that allow us to keep in touch so “No excuse”!
I thank God for all my friends and family, near and far, may the Lord bless you all.

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