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Friday, October 5, 2007

New labour, then and now

In the train today, I decided to upgrade myself from “standing” in standard accommodation to “standing” in first class! In my “upgrade”, I was not allowed to sit down in the many empty seats in first class, this is part of the logic behind the whole class system. So I stand in first class observing passengers been offered tea, coffee, choice of red or white wine, and snacks while I am standing near the luggage rack counting my blessings. However, what really made my day was the fact that as I left first class, I came face to face with Mr John Prescott, Mr two Jags himself. He was standing in between carriages and did not look very happy about it. Welcome to privatisation Mr deputy prime minister, welcome to our daily “joy”, at least I was standing in first class while he was standing in standard, I guess the salary had a big hit after he left government. Then may be he was reporting on ordinary people lives and their daily commute, may be it is a research toward the upcoming election. Whatever it was, I was pleased to see him there like all of us, tired and a bit grumpy as well.

Here is video that might just sum up Mr Prescott time in government.enjoy!

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