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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Are you in the wrong profession?

That is how I feel at the moment, forget the PhD, forget academia and universities, at the moment I need to be qualified as a plumber and quick. My heating system broke down and finding a good registered plumber to sort it out is like trying to find Bin Laden! I finally (after calling at least 7 different plumbers) had one of them turning up (2 days late). He had a look and I saw him shaking his head and saying things like,” Oh…dear, I see”, and of course my heart sinks. He then went on to explain to me how this part need to be replaced because the thermal couple (I guess this is the correct spelling) heats up and so make the whole system stop working, how the starting light is not lighting up properly because something else that for the life of me I can not remember what is called is not working (I KNOW it is not working, that is why we called you). I think at this point of the conversation I was doing the usual nodding at the right time and pretending to understand all the technical points that he raised and trying to get to the more important questions like: When can you actually do it and How much it will all cost? And you know that in these situations, it is like theatre where you have seen the play before and you know it by heart now and everyone knows his role very well. He comes and play his part (very busy man, doing his explaining to you, poor person, what is exactly happening in your system, may be exaggerating a bit) and I am playing my part (not understanding a word of what he is saying but happy to pay whatever it cost to sort out the system-quick).
At these moments I feel that I am defiantly in the wrong profession, it would have been easier to spend my time training to become a plumber, at least some introductory course or something rather than a PhD that can not help you when your heating is not working.

Well, at the moment it feels like training as a plumber will be actually quicker than getting someone who can fix the system!

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Sarah said...

Hope you get it sorted soon.