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Monday, January 23, 2012

True Love

2011 was full of much political news across the world, from the Arab spring to capturing Bin Laden, from the recession in Europe to the demonstrations in Greece. But as the whole world struggled to come to term with so much, Italy was facing a different scenario. Italy was facing a recession like the rest of Europe, facing the risk of being downgraded from the credit agencies and its prime minster, Mr Silvio Berlusconi himself was facing so many corruption allegations and accusations of misconducts etc. So in the middle of all of this and just one week before Mr Berlusconi's  time come to an end as Italy prime minster, he made a very important decision...................................

He released his album of love songs!!!!!

Yes, you read right…..it was not a decision to save the currency, to help the country out of recession, to clear his name or to save his reputations ….no he decided in his wisdom that it was time to release his album of love songs. He is clearly passionate about these love songs and he co- wrote 11 of the songs and - I presume - wanted to reach people with his softer side. All I thought about this was to think of the reaction of his advisers as he told him what he wanted to do,
'A love album prime minster? Yes sure, of course, that what the country needs, that what people really really want!'
But on a serious note, this was, may be –in his mind- what he wanted to be remembered by, may be this was his passion, his heart was really with these love songs and he wanted to spread the joy.
In the quest to make a difference and to be remembered, we strive to do our best and to reach high grounds, to do something unique to be remembered by, to stay in touch with our emotions and reach out for true love … just one important detail…make sure that the timing is right to fit within the big picture!


N. Bestourous said...

Great article... I liked it and like his attitude

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Sherif Hezkyal said...

wonderful article
heya el 3ela kolaha ba2et kottab walla eah