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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A go on the slide anyone?

Some things could be so much fun but you need to see where
it all leads.
Could be all as innocent as going on the slide (just like this little boy) but sure it will end in tears (or shredded body parts).

Things can sometimes 'slide' out of control, we cant stop it. We say the wrong thing, we make the wrong turn or decision. We stay so determined that we are right and the other is wrong and we loose it all at the end. We let things "slide" out of control and out of our hands. Relationship deteriorate for not wanting to back down when we still can and then we suffer the consequences. We say an unkind thing, we make bad comments, we sneer at a friend, we enjoy some gossip, the list is endless.
 And yet, in every situation, there is always a window where we can go back and save the relationship, the job, the situation etc. There is always a point of "return" (comes before the point of "no return"), once we pass this, then it is too late to save the situation and we have to suffer the consequences.

So ...do you know when to stop?


Anonymous said...

Good article . We need to know where and when to stop before it is too late .

Ghada said...

This one is awesome.we sometimes make comments that we don't realize the way others would understand then we pay the huge price.Still naming it bad though out of stupidity.I hope the window exists. The photo is nice but painful to my imagination so much.

Anonymous said...

Very nice & very wise too :)Wish I would never miss the "u-turn".

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that the windows only exist when the two parties in the relation are ready to go on. Sometimes, people want to revenge themselves & keep u apologizing till the end of ur life which should not be accepted by u. I think that is why Jesus asked us to forgive coz we have nothing else to offer besides our apology when we do mistakes specially if there is no way to make it up except by promising to learn and not repeat the mistake. Though I still believe that relationships need determination.When we r not committed to our relations of all types, it is easy just to let go not of the mistake but of the person himself.