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Friday, August 26, 2011

Life is hard, but.....

"Life is hard"...one of my friends said to me and I agreed. It is so difficult sometimes. You look around and you try and make sense of situations that are really difficult. Then you look worldwide, and there is no much comfort out there either, wars, famine, crimes and brutality. In the middle of it all we start to drown between our personal problems/challenges and the world's sufferings. The results....tiredness and frustrations most of the time.

But while we were away on holiday, I had a chance to think of so many things and reflect on God's creation. I thought of the times when people were dying because there was no simple antibiotic or the times when hot water was luxuries that the poor could not afford. I remembered when we used to go to a phone office to ask to be connected and make a 3min phone call to the capital, when phone numbers were 4 digits! Remember when education was just for the wealthy? when women were still fighting to get some of their rights?

There are so many problems around us, but there are so much that we are enjoying and taking for granted. The beauty of nature, the vast oceans and the blue skis. The education and the travel and the medical advances. I am under no illusion that as I write this, there are millions of people who are still suffering and fighting for their rights. However, in the middle of a gloomy world, let us not be consumed of the darkness of the night because the sun always shine at the end.

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