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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Impossible Is Nothing

In the last 2 weeks, Egyptians were back to Tahrir square with their hands up with flags and banners asking for what they have been asking for all along...the fall of the whole regime. Some commentators said that people are board, or those are the unemployed, or people want to make a revolution for every little thing now...but the bottom line was that Mubarak, his sons and some big names from the old regime were still free, under no investigation and people knew that this is not good. People were not happy with the pace in which change was happening. They waited so long and no one can blame them for wanting to see justice in progress.

There were so many voices trying to stop people protesting again. Tahrir square has become a symbol now and not just a place. All over Egypt, in every square in the country, people were out after Friday's prayers protesting and shanting asking for justice for those who died to give us freedom.

Then it was 11/4/11, 60 days to the day when Mubarak stepped down. He left Cairo to be in Sharm El sheikh. People protesting last Friday declared that if he is not brought to justice, they will move the protest to Sharm El Sheikh. A famous busniss man promised to book 1800 tour buses to transport people for free next Friday.

On 12/4/11 the interim government in Egypt declared that an investigation has started with 3 key figures of the old regime, they were later arrested and they are now in custody. This morning the news been flooding in with the arrests of Mubarak sons, Gamal -who was tipped to be the next president- and Alla - who is a business man. Mubarak himself is now under house arrest and been questioned by the police.

As I write these words, I am still in shock and can't believe that this is all happening. People now know the taste of freedom and will not go back to the dark days of being slaves again. They are asking for a fair trails for all those who corrupted the system for so long. The revolution is still going on and the demands are not changing....Clean the system...the whole system from top to bottom.


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