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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sad news

About a year and half ago, I wrote about a big car accident that involved my old church back in Egypt. Sad to say that it has happened again. This time, in 2 different accidents in the space of one week, 2 dear friends have lost their life. There are a number of people still in hospital with broken bones and other injuries. The church is in shock to say the least. This is not a usual rate of road accidents in this part of the country and the obvious questions is

On an online forum, people are posting messages and condolences, others are airing frustrations and condemnations to the church. It is a sad time and some are attacking the leadership of the church and declaring that this is God's judgment on his people. The church family is mourning the loss of 2 prominent people who have been serving the Lord for a long time and I have been personally blessed and guided by them as a young christian. The question is, how can the church mourn and still focus on God, the comforter, the redeemer and the saviour without blaming God or each other. We are all called to examine our hearts and repent, on a daily basis and not only when crises comes.
Only God in his mercy can deliver us.

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