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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday

This is the time of year when I thank God that birthdays are only once a year! just purely for the fact that I needed to organise a birthday party for my daughter. As usual we went through various ideas ranging from the utterly expensive to the ones that will send me to an early grave with worry and bypassing any ideas that involve the words "woods survival skills" or "adventure camping" !

At this point of the planning, I often think about government departments and how they reach ANY kind of decisions as I struggle to reach a decision about a birthday party.

At the end we made a decision and D day arrived and I am glad to report that it was GREAT. We decided to go for a sports party involving canoeing and crate stacking. It was wonderful the the kids had a fantastic time. I also remained calm and in one piece, staying strong on my objection to "jumping in the river after the canoeing".

Just a small question, should organising successful birthday parties be a skill that I should include in my CV in the future? I think so :)

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Happy Birthday