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Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the last few months, I feel that I have been going through some spiritual desert, with little if any bible teaching. The problem with that was it gets very comfy not being challenged and after a while it is very cosy to stay still with the common "I believe in God, I am saved, why worry" attitude. But thanks to someone who was giving a talk to a group of people (not about anything to do with God or the church), I was really encouraged and felt this is someone who knows the Lord. Now, we visited the new church and I LOVE it. I am being challenged by God's word (and it is not comfortable place let me say) but I know it is the right place to be. I am longing to grow and keep going with God in all the ups and the downs of my life and a strong lively church is where I need to be. I pray that God can use me in this new place for his glory.


Anonymous said...

great news. God Bless. x

magic said...

Very very good :)
God bless