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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cake, Candles and Birthdays

I was so busy in the last few days preparing for my daughter birthday party. Lots of organisation and preparation, from invitations to organising food, presents,etc. Deciding on how to design the invitation was like the middle east peace process negotiation. As my daughter wanted the invitation to be in the shape of a little book of information, pictures and stories given to each one of her friends. I voted against giving a "dossier" to each child and at the end we reached a compromise and we agreed to make the invitation long enough but not too long. As my daughter wanted a sport party, the decision was made to go for rock climbing and archery party (instead of cannoning and high rope which I felt was going to push my blood pressure to the limit with all aspects of health and safety). Praise God the party went really well and all had fun and more importantly, all were in one piece by the end of the 4 hour party celebration. At these times, I thank God for his mercy and that birthdays are only once a year. So time for me to have a little rest before we start counting down to Christmas :)

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