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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Better late than never

Happy new year
I know I know, it is too early to say happy new year for 2010! But as I welcomed 2009 with proper flu, caught etc, I missed saying happy new year to many people.
So, new year, new beginnings, and new steps to take. Started a new research project involving diabetes and teeth, testing teeth structure and whether it is affected by diabetes or not. Also this week I have signed up to the London 10K run in July and it will be fun to start training again and aim to finish in a good time.
Some of the sad news that 2009 brought was about my boss and my PhD supervisor who is currently in hospital. He has now officially resigned and it felt so strange to go to the office and found it empty ready for its new occupant. My supervisor and his wife been more than work colleges to me and throughout my work with both of them they have been great help and support. To see my boss in hospital was heart breaking and my prayers go for both of them for strength at this time.
Some good news came from my church back in Egypt where those who had sever injuries are now recovering well after various operations and medical procedures. We know that the road to complete recovery will still be long, but it is a step in the right direction and we praise God for his mercy.
Here is one nice quote I heard in the first few days of this new year “what people think about you in none of your business”.
So better late than never….happy new year everyone.

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