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Saturday, December 13, 2008

When prayers are needed more than ever before

The last few days been so hard for my church in Egypt. And for those of us living far away, it has been hard to get all the information about our friends who lost their lives or still in hospital. We have a network group that was sat up more than 4 years ago by people living abroad and it is a way of keeping in touch. After this accident, everyone is struggling with what to write or what to say. More than 50 families are involved directly in that fatal accident, how can anyone even start to try and console them? today, one of our friends who still in hospital, she gained her consciousness and started to ask about her family? she lost her mum, her dad, her husband and her son in the crash, what can you say? what can anyone say? and then "The Why" surface again and again. Only God knows why and only God knows how to carry on from now and how to live on. All i can say is that the whole church need healing and grace to stand up again and move on.

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