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Monday, September 8, 2008

Impossible is nothing

So, I have made it. I ran and finished my 5K run on Sunday. It was so mush fun. The weather was perfect for running, not too hot or too cold and it did not rain :). The great part was seeing some 15000 women running for various charities.
As I ran, I felt so emotional about the whole thing and had so many ideas running through my mind about my walk (and some times run) with God. As I ran, there were people on the sides cheering and clapping, giving encouragements and support to the runners. I felt that may be that what I need to do more for others as they walk with God, not only when people are going through tough times, not only when they are struggling, but to clap and cheer as we all go through life with the Lord and to say "well done" and "keep going" as we all need that along the way.

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